Tackling a Primary Shortage – States can specify minimum sub-MBBS skills to increase the supply of healthcare providers

By Vineetha Mg, Richa Roy, and Dr. Zeena Johar 1 Medicine is one profession in which qualified personnel will remain central despite all the advances in technology that are taking place. It is generally believed that shortages in this sphere ...

Our (Pangea Advisors, Columbia Business School) association with ICTPH

by Claire Jarvis, Marie-Sarah Jouffroy, and Christian Wilson* When we first decided to work on the ICTPH project we knew little about healthcare in India, little about the scope of the project and little about each other. But despite these ...

Analysing clinical workflow: A day at Alakkudi RMHC

By A.R. Selva Swetha, Research Analyst – ICTPH A key element to the ICTPH Health System Design is protocolisation. All interactions right from patient management at the Rural Micro Health Clinic (RMHC)-level, to patient follow-ups, to household-level surveys and risk-profiling ...

Analysing Patient Data at SughaVazhvu – Chief Complaints and Diagnoses of Patients Belonging to Different Age Groups

by Aarti Sahasranaman, Vice President, Interventions One of the key functions of ICTPH’s Health Management Information System (HMIS) is to collect health information and maintain electronic medical records (EMRs) of each patient who visits a SughaVazhvu rural micro health centre ...

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