About us


To design and develop health systems and high-impact solutions that work for Indian populations towards eventually demonstrating the possibility of disease-free communities



IKP-BTP & Technology Pilots

  • ICTPH strategized a comprehensive Bridge Training Program (called IKP-BTP) to train medical professionals with evidence-based primary care protocols
  • ICTPH collaborates with JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and Research) to review the design of the program and the protocols
  • IKP-TechPrima piloted with couple of primary healthcare organizations for wider use


Subscription-based CDM Design

ICTPH designed Subscription-based Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program and guided SughaVazhvu Healthcare in its implementation


Health Systems Pilot & Technology

  • ICTPH anchored direct provisioning of primary healthcare through Rural Micro Health Centre (RMHC) and a network of Community Health Workers (CHWs) focused on Behaviour Change Communication
  • ICTPH developed a unique in-house IT solution (now called "IKP-TechPrima") to assist the delivery of primary care and implemented for SughaVazhvu Healthcare



  • ICTPH incorporated as a non-profit, private Organization
  • ICTPH partnered with School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania to address human capacity challenges through Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) education and documentation of primary care protocols