Geo Mapping our Patient Traffic

By Mayank Kedia The public health system places a Primary Health Centre (PHC) to serve a population of about 30,000 people, one for every 10-12 villages and a Health Sub Centres (HSC) for a population of about 5000 people (about ...

Cardiovascular Disease Intervention

Shabana Tharkar, AVP, Epidemiology – ICTPH The two-day Research Conference held at the ICTPH office in Thanjavur recently, primarily involved a series of comprehensive brainstorming sessions on potential healthcare interventions and their delivery channels. The long-term objective of the conference ...

Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies in Children Below the Age of 36 Months

By Nachiket Mor Given the strong links between nutritional levels in children below the age of 36 months and overall childhood development, there is a strong desire amongst the ICTPH and the SughaVazhvu staff to launch a nutrition-focussed intervention for ...

Launch of Karambayam RMHC

by Dr. Zeena Johar, President – ICTPH The launch of our clinic in Karambayam on Sep 6th, marked one of the finest days in the history of SughaVazhvu. With the second Rural Micro Health Centre (RMHC) on-board, we are now ...

How Electronic Health Records Can Enhance the Quality of Health Services Delivery

By Laura Costica, Research Associate – ICTPH Imagine an elderly man who walks into a primary care unit seeking treatment; his old age hampers his ability to remember past medical experiences, restricting the information the healthcare professional can use to ...

Innovating Equitable Primary Healthcare

by Zeena Johar, President – ICTPH With 75% of medical infrastructure located in urban locations, questions arise on the accessibility of medical resources for rural populations in India which constitute a massive 72% of the overall population. Despite the availability ...

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