Infant Home Fortification through Sprinkles: A Case Study

By A.R. Selva Swetha, Research Analyst – ICTPH The period between 6 and 24 months is a critical stage in a child’s growth and cognitive development, which can be severely hampered by nutritional deficiencies. Iron deficiency anaemia is extremely widespread ...

Launch of Sprinkles Nutrition Intervention

By Lindsey Peugh, Research Associate – ICTPH Monday marked the launch of the ICTPH and SughaVazhvu child nutrition intervention in Karambayam aiming to reduce anaemia among children aged 6-24 months. In attendance were local panchayat heads, Balwadi and Anganwadi teachers, ...

Evaluating the Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Service Delivery Model for Home Fortification of Children aged 6-24 months

By Lindsey Peugh, Research Associate – ICTPH In past blog posts we’ve discussed the large presence of nutritional deficiencies, particularly iron deficiency anaemia, among children across India. Such nutritional deficiencies can cause deleterious and irreversible effects on a child’s growth ...

Visit to NIN, and upcoming Nutrition Projects

By Lindsey Peugh, Research Associate – ICTPH Malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies are widespread across India. The National Family Health Survey-3 found that half of young children who are underweight or stunted (low height for age caused by chronic insufficient nutrient ...

Understanding child development and nutrition in rural Tamil Nadu: Site visits to Anganwadi Centres

By Lindsey Peugh, Research Associate – ICTPH In an effort to better understand the context and determinants of child development in rural Tamil Nadu, ICTPH staff members visited three Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) centres over the last week. Delivered ...

Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies in Children Below the Age of 36 Months

By Nachiket Mor Given the strong links between nutritional levels in children below the age of 36 months and overall childhood development, there is a strong desire amongst the ICTPH and the SughaVazhvu staff to launch a nutrition-focussed intervention for ...

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