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Professional Skills

You can contribute your professional skills and expertise in any of our on-going programs for a reasonable amount of time. In the past, we have had young professionals engage with us for full-time internships over 2 to 6 month-periods and participate in our strategic planning, research and operational activities. Mid-career professionals have participated in our program through sponsorship from their employers (such as when Vodafone sponsored their employees full-time for a period of two months to support our technology initiatives). You are welcome to offer your skills and expertise in the areas of healthcare design & delivery, research, technology and program management.

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Corpus Funding

Corpus funding will be utilized for organization development, reusable asset development, outreach, policy & advocacy and operations support.

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Program Funding

You can fund any of our on-going programs that appeals to you.
The ongoing programs are -
(1) Bridge Training Program, which seeks to create effective capacity building approaches and tools, especially for low and medium resource settings
(2) IKP-TechPrima, our attempt to leverage technology to empower practitioners and improve healthcare outcomes
(3) Health systems research, our effort in sharing our learnings to inform policy and practice of healthcare
(4) Program “Disease-free Village” in Alakkudi (Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu), which supports our health systems design effort

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Domestic monetary contributions are eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961