Sivaram Bandhakavi Director
Sivakumar Mahalingam Chief Technology Officer
Aparna Manoharan Principal – Health Systems

Sivaram Bandhakavi is the President and CEO of IKP Trust and is a Director on the Board of IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health. As the President of IKP Trust, he serves and promotes IKP group’s mission of using advances in science and technology, especially in healthcare and life sciences, for social progress. As Director of ICTPH, he has the overall responsibility for its strategy and impact.

Before joining IKP Trust, Sivaram had 15 years of program design, management and consulting experience in public and private sectors, working in India and in the USA. In his most recent role before IKP Trust, he was Director of Cambridge Policy Research, where he conceptualized and designed large-scale transformation programs in the public sector. He served clients such as UID Authority of India (Aadhaar), Ministry of Home Affairs, HRD Ministry and National Institute for Smart Government; and he designed public programs, developed operations strategy and implementation models and led consulting teams that developed implementation solutions. Earlier he was a consultant with the World Bank’s Private Sector Development group. Before that, Sivaram worked with Cognizant for several years in USA and India. In his most recent role at Cognizant, he worked closely with senior management mainly on issues related to public policy and external engagement.

He has a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow and a B. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He is the co-author of “Leading without Licence” and is an adjunct faculty at IIT Madras.

Sivakumar Mahalingam, Chief Technology Officer of ICTPH, anchors the technology initiatives that support SughaVazhvu’s operations. At ICTPH, he’s responsible to design and execute the technology road-map for IKP-TechPrima (ICTPH’s tech platform for primary care).

He has 20+ years of experience in IT industry with exclusive focus on healthcare domain. Prior to joining ICTPH, Siva worked with Cognizant Healthcare practice and had managed delivery of large IT programs and projects across different technologies in legacy, client/server and web platforms with peak revenue of US$50+ million.

His areas of domain expertise include Health Insurance, Benefits, Claims Adjudication and Pharmacy Benefits Management. He had been part of seed/”first” teams in Cognizant Healthcare’s key initiatives. Siva loves to “ideate and execute”.

He holds Masters in Computer Applications from Anna University, Chennai.

Aparna Manoharan, PhD, anchors the Research program and BTP Planning at ICTPH. Aparna is a Biological Science major from BITS, Pilani, in India and has received a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Florida.

Through her work at ICTPH, she has developed expertise on innovative strategies in primary health care delivery aimed at inaccessible, rural populations. She has been involved in work on capacity building of alternate human resources in health. As part of the chronic disease management program design team, she has contributed to the development of the SughaVazhvu diabetes care management program experiences into a case study on Global Accountable Care in collaboration with the Centre for Health Policy at Brookings Institution.

Her research interests include understanding the influences driving the uptake and retention in care of health services among patients with chronic conditions in resource limited settings.