ICTPH and SughaVazhvu Healthcare introduce bar-coded I-cards to streamline disease management

By Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru – Special Correspondent, Pharmabiz.com IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Healthcare (ICTPH) and SughaVazhvu Healthcare have introduced bar-coded identity cards as part of the rural micro health initiatives. This is a web-based patient-physician interaction and supply ...

Our (Pangea Advisors, Columbia Business School) association with ICTPH

by Claire Jarvis, Marie-Sarah Jouffroy, and Christian Wilson* When we first decided to work on the ICTPH project we knew little about healthcare in India, little about the scope of the project and little about each other. But despite these ...

ICTPH’s CVD Intervention Evaluation: Defining and Refining Goals

By Aimee Latta While approximately 53% of total deaths in India are due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs), cardiovascular diseases (CVD) alone account for 25% of overall mortality in India1. These statistics are alarming and indicate a severe, rising burden on ...

An External Evaluation of the ICTPH Guide Program in Karambayam

By Rosemary Stafford, External Evaluator I arrived in India in the early morning hours of July 5, 2011, with one task at hand: to evaluate the ICTPH Guide program. I had 4 months to do this job, and I had ...

Karambayam Guide Program – The previous year and the year ahead the Logic Model Approach

By Rosemary Stafford The Sugha Vazhvu Guide program, initiated in August 2010, is a critical component of ICTPH’s Rural Micro Health Centre (RMHC) approach to primary care delivery. Given its mission to build a primary healthcare system throughout remote and ...

TB diagnostic innovations: Can India take the lead?

Guest blog post by Dr Madhukar Pai No country has more cases of tuberculosis (TB) than India. Research from India played a critical role in the development of the global strategy to stop TB. Yet, Indian industry and academics have ...

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