Improving Community Based Maternal and New Born Survival

By Divya Ramamurthy, Research Analyst – ICTPH There is a growing need for attention towards the health of newborn infants and their mothers. Neonatal mortality now accounts for about two-thirds of global infant mortality and about 3.8 million of the ...

ICTPH Health System Approach

By Zeena Johar, President – ICTPH A health system needs to provide for the requirements of an individual through various stages of life and states of health, offering promotive, health-maintenance, preventive interventions for the entire population and disease management capability ...

Summer Internship in Tanjore

The ICTPH Global Internship Program (GIP) launched this past June 2010 with our first intern, Prateek Kumar Jain, from IIT-Kharagpur, who proved to be an outstanding addition to our team throughout the summer.  Here, Prateek shares with us his orientation ...

How Electronic Health Records Can Enhance the Quality of Health Services Delivery

By Laura Costica, Research Associate – ICTPH Imagine an elderly man who walks into a primary care unit seeking treatment; his old age hampers his ability to remember past medical experiences, restricting the information the healthcare professional can use to ...

Innovating Equitable Primary Healthcare

by Zeena Johar, President – ICTPH With 75% of medical infrastructure located in urban locations, questions arise on the accessibility of medical resources for rural populations in India which constitute a massive 72% of the overall population. Despite the availability ...

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