Effectiveness of Artemisinin- Anti-malaria drug

    Malaria is a vector borne disease of subtropical and tropical regions predominantly caused by Plasmodium falciparum and transmitted to humans by female Anopheles Mosquitoes.(“CDC – Malaria – Malaria Worldwide – Impact of Malaria,” 2017.)According to World Health Organisation ...

Benefits of Including Rosemary into your daily diets

Rosemary (Botanical Name – Rosmarinus officinalis) has been known to humans since the Egyptian era. The plant is native to the Mediterranean region, and  has been used by Egyptians, Assyrians as an aromatic plant to decorate their gardens and houses. ...

Field experiences – Optimizing Data collection process with increased accuracy of collected data using field agents from remote field areas

Primary health care research involves data collection from remote field areas. The field areas can be small isolated ghettos, urban slums, remotely located villages, urban administrative blocks or any other location which involves certain number of households with permanent residents. ...

“Tapper and Listener” the course of Health Care Knowledge from Physician to Patient

We may have played this game in our childhood where we tap on the school desk the beats of certain song and one of our friend tires to identify the song.  In 1990 Elizabeth Newton a PhD student of Psychology ...

ICTPH Ethics Series Part II – Autonomy

Autonomy literally refers to freedom from external control or influence, or simply “independence”. Autonomy plays a crucial role in medical ethics. The relationship between the health system and the patient is based on mutual trust and mutual interest, given that ...

Literature review – Understanding the patient’s perception about chronic diseases and conditions, Barrier for non-adherence and poor follow-up.

Chronic diseases and conditions are the group of diseases which include cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, and cognitive disorders. The Chronic diseases are on rise globally since last decade(1). Of the broad classified Chronic diseases cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes, and cancer ...

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