Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) in the ICTPH Health Systems Model – A Technical Note

By Deepak Rajanna, VP – ICTPH

IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Health (ICTPH) is piloting a nurse-managed, physician-supervised, technology-enabled, comprehensive primary health care delivery model in rural Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu with equal focus on developing Human Resources, Health Care Interventions, Infrastructure and Innovative Financing. Technology, a crucial component in the mix, is pivotal to the success of this model, currently being implemented by ICTPH’s partner, Sughavazhvu. Innovative uses of Technology, apart from managing information flow within the system, enables the implementation partner to increase adherence of protocols, spot and correct operational inefficiencies, manage community outreach in the populations being served, and as a whole, increase the quality of care being delivered.This technical note explores the various facets of technology employed in our pilots with a detailed focus on the IT system, the ICTPH Health Management Information System (HMIS) developed in partnership with Swasth India Pvt. Ltd.

Read the paper here.

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Sridhar Subramaniam
Sridhar Subramaniam
12 years 23 days ago
The HMIS paper does capture most of areas which the research teams and implementation teams are working currently. Couple of points which could have been described more in detail could be the offline-online solutions and how this was bought about to address the challenges of net-connectivity. The mobile based platform section which also spoken about could have included section on the operational aspects of this like what fields would you capture while the Guides operates this device. I loved reading this paper since personally I believe that technology if used correctly in development sector would help us to capture information… Read more »
Sanjiv Chhabria
Sanjiv Chhabria
12 years 14 days ago
Deepak, I completely agree that technology has a huge role in provision of cost-effective healthcare service delivery. The application is a lot more robust that it has several systems (supply chain, clinical, financial et al) with a common data repository. This is quite different from most systems that exist which tend to be disparate in nature and have quasi-linkages. The ‘wealth’ of data that will be collected over time will provide immense actionable knowledge. My comments/questions are not as technical in nature, rather more on the functionality. In the screenshots presented in the document, I do not see a mechanism… Read more »
Deepak Rajanna
Deepak Rajanna
12 years 5 days ago
@Sridhar: We are planning to capture the mobile interventions in a separate technical note. @Sanjiv: Family history: Currently the only way of capturing family history is through the Population-based individual-level screening protocol, which at the moment is being treated as a peripheral process administered through OMR questionnaires or mobile phones. Very soon, we will have the ability to capture this information as part of a clinical visit documentation too. Drug dosage errors: This would come under the broad umbrella of protocolizing clinical pathways in the HMIS. As part of this we are also brainstorming a clinical decision support system which… Read more »
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