ICTPH and SughaVazhvu Healthcare introduce bar-coded I-cards to streamline disease management

By Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru – Special Correspondent, Pharmabiz.com IKP Centre for Technologies in Public Healthcare (ICTPH) and SughaVazhvu Healthcare have introduced bar-coded identity cards as part of the rural micro health initiatives. This is a web-based patient-physician interaction and supply ...

The lack of Primary Health Care

By Dr. Zeena Johar and Dr. Nachiket Mor 1 India has some of the best quaternary and tertiary care in the world and is gradually getting to acquire a name for itself even in the field of “Medical Tourism”. Secondary ...

Where are the Doctors? Allopathic doctors in short supply; need for trained practitioners of alternative medicine

By Dr. Arun Jithendra and Dr. Zeena Johar 1 India is a country of 1.2 billion people. One estimate, provided by the World Health Organisation, suggests that on average one physician is required to serve 1,000 people, across all levels ...

Tackling a Primary Shortage – States can specify minimum sub-MBBS skills to increase the supply of healthcare providers

By Vineetha Mg, Richa Roy, and Dr. Zeena Johar 1 Medicine is one profession in which qualified personnel will remain central despite all the advances in technology that are taking place. It is generally believed that shortages in this sphere ...

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